Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lizzie Kate Double Flip Its

I puchased the first three patterns (6 words) when I went out to Schenectady for my uncle's memorial service. Those are now complete! I ordered the last three patterns on Saturday and received them in the mail yesterday (123 Stitch!). I obviously made a mistake when calculating the material size. I used 28 instead of 14 so I had to split the design into two sections. I think I actually like that more! the material is 28 ct Jobelan antique white (looks pretty yellow in the pic though). I think I will make these into wall hangings for work.

Charity Square for Michael (123Stitch MB)

Wow! It's been a while since I've posted to my blog!

Here's a square I stitched for a charity quilt being done for a young man, Michael, (29 I believe) who was in a car accident about a year ago. They did not expect him to live, but he has proven them all wrong.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Soldier Family Kissing Pillows project

Here's a picture of three of the six Soldier Family Kissing Pillows I am making for a lady from the 123Stitch message board (needlenana at msn dot com if you want to contact her to help!) They work up quickly (that is, if you don't mess up on counting like I did on the first two!) and use only three colors #797, #321, and white and are stitched on 14 ct aida. The Yellow Rose Chapter of The Emroiderers' Guild of America Inc. sew them into pillows with patriotic material (or camo) and give them to the soldiers families. The soldier kisses the pillow for the family to keep (or family kisses for the soldier) so they will always have a "kiss"! I think that is so sweet!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

American Soldier Memorial Project

This is my third piece for this project. I finally finished the wording on Monday night (camera batteries were dead so I had to recharge last night!). This is stitched on 28 ct white Jobelan with DMC and another frame that is on the list for DH!

Lizzie Kate Finish

I stitched this up in a week. It's Lizzie Kate - In All Things - Give Thanks. It's stitched on 28 ct white Jobelan with DMC. I've started a list of frame sizes for DH to make...hopefully this weekend...and this is one of them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Unveiling

Here is the unveiling of Spiritdancer to my friend, Kim! I think our friend, Holly, caught her reaction quite well!

This is Kim trying not to cry for the camera!

She was very pleased to say the least!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

L&L Spiritdancer Framed

I will be giving my friend, Kim, L&L Spiritdancer tomorrow night at her birthday dinner. I just finished framing her tonight. Can't wait to see her face.

Here's a close up of the fringe.

4th of July Vacation Spot

From Saturday, June 28 to Sunday, July 5, I was lucky to be able to rent a camp on Flying Pond in Mt. Vernon - about 25 minutes from my house. Not far, but far enough! Here's a picture of the view I had from my beach chair! I did some stitching (two projects completed), worked on Celtic Blessing for my sister, and started another project. I also made some earrings, read two books, re-taught myself to crochet, and even went kayaking twice! That was fun! I'm all booked for two weeks next year!

Here are pics of the two projects that I completed while on vacation. The Heinzit Welcome charms are just laying on the piece. The JBW Designs A Very Merry Christmas is ready for framing!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

FINISHED - L&L Spiritdancer

SHE'S DONE! Two months and three days! The ultra suede was a PITA to work with, rips very easily, but does look nice!

WIP Spiritdancer 062208

I am on the last leg of the journey, so to speak. All stitching is COMPLETE, minus the ultra suede fringe. "She" is hanging outside drying right now, and then I will add the fringe (glad I thought about washing her beforehand!). The beading went along faster than I figured it would, but I'm thinking the fringe is going to be a slow process (making sure it isn't twisted) and figuring out how to start/finish it. Anyway, it's for a July 7th birthday and I am feeling VERY relieved!

WIP Celetic Blessing

Here's an update on a WIP, Celtic Blessing. This is after working on it at home one day for a couple hours and then most every day at work for a total of an hour each day. Now that I have L&L Spiritdancer all complete, minus the fringe, I will be able to work on this in the evening too! Should be done in no time. My sister is making this for her son and future DIL - August 16th wedding.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WIP Spiritdancer 061408

Here's a quick update after an afternoon/evening of beading. I had a little mishap when I moved inside to stitch. I had everything moved inside and sat for a minute. Put the peanut container down on the table and knicked a package of beads...which I had stupidly left open. Blue beads everywhere! Now flashforward to having 98% of the beads all picked up.....moved the table to get a few underneath it, forgetting about the cup of coffee. Yup, you guessed it, spilt into the other four packages of open beads, on top of my head, and down my right shoulder. Now, how to clean the coffee off the beads, what to do, what to do? Jeff came up with a great idea! Put the beads into a coffee filter, tie wrap the ends and rinse under water. Yeah, it worked. I then used my hair dryer to dry the beads so I could continue stitching! Phew!

WIP Wedding Sampler

This is the wedding sampler my sister, Jan, is making for her son, Nick, and future dil, Megan. I offered, and she accepted, to finish stitching it for her, so this is a pic of where I "began". The inside will have all wording. I'm not sure if she wrote the wording herself or if it's from something else, guess I'll have to ask her!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Spiritdancer as of June 12, 2008

First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Jeff and me - 27 years today!!!!!

Here's a pic of L&L Spriritdancer with ALL OF THE STITCHING (floss) DONE! I now have 2,373 beads to attach, ultra suede, backstitching, and webbing for the dreamcatcher to do! : )

And finally, I have lost 29.4 lbs! Yeah me!

I've taken the day off too. Not sure what I'm going to do (I do have a little housework that really needs to be done), but it's going to be a nice day - a good outside day since I spend 40 hours a week inside during the week. Oh yeah, I need to measure some pieces for framing. Jeff said he'd make them for me...boy, will he be busy!

Have a good day!

Friday, May 30, 2008

WIP Spriritdancer as of May 30, 2008

Okay, here's another pic of my progress...I only stitched two nights this week, so thought I did pretty good! I am officially 1/2 way (not including beads!).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is Spiritdancer by Lavender & Lace. I am stitching it on 28ct Jobelan Lambswool. I am just above half-way done! I started this on 4/19/08 and hope to have it done by July 2008............

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finish - Designs by Lisa - Life's Good

This project took me one week to stitch. It was fun! It is by Designs by Lisa and is called Life's Good (the wording says Life's Good, Live the Journey). It is stitched on 28th Jobelan but I can't recall the is a brownish-pink. I used DMC (though it called for specialty floss). I envision this hung up over a doorway in my home.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two More Finishes!

Here are two more finished projects. The pillow is "Hope" from the Red Letter Ornament pattern..I can't remember who the designer is, but I will post it as soon as I can (the pattern is at work!) This is for a friend who just found out she has breast cancer. I combined two patterns..the ribbon is from Ink Circles, I believe. The other is a WIP/UFO/BAP that is FINALLY completed. I have been working on this pattern for a number of years! As always, I would want to work on something "new" and put this aside. But no more! YEAH! The pattern is Dutch Iris by The Silver Lining and it's for ME!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sewing XS Finishes

This is how I spent the afternoon/evening! Just in time for the beginning of March and St. Patty's Day. The wall hanging is from Leisure Arts Handy Hand Towels Thru the Year. The two cubes are Lizzie*Kate patterns. Three more UFO's are now completed pieces!

A Finish

I started this a few weeks ago and put in about 20 stitches, then, as usual, went on to something else. Well, I picked it up last Saturday and it is now FINISHED! It is supposed to have a white lacey border around it, but I opted not to stitch that. It is stitched on 28ct Joblean Copper (a green with copper wash). The pattern is Dahlia by Per segno per filo.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Finish

It's not the greatest picture, but here's an old WIP that is now a finish. Kinda of sad, I didn't really have that much left to stitch on it. But I am someone who likes to start projects the most! LOL! This is from The Silver Needle's Secret Needle Night monthly mailing. I am not enrolled in it any longer though. This is Hatty Holidays from July 2001!


Today I'm going to share the two pieces I've been working. The first I started in January 2008 and is for a soldier from Maine who gave his life for our freedom (American Solider Memorial Project). I have hopes to stitch six this year, but for now this is the first of two names I have.

The second, Ginger & Spices "New England Sampler" is an OLD WIP. I can't remember when I started it, but I do have a WIP pic from 2005 so it's been a "few" years! I'm trying to look at each individual item, not the whole piece, so I'm not feeling so overwhelmed! So far so good!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Sewing XS Finishes

Here's how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Finishing my valentine pieces into actual finished items! One is Words by The Chocolate Cat (on black with pink with black polka dots ) and the other isDragonfly Stitches' 2008 Valentine Heart Freebie (with pink/brown paisley material).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Medicine Cabinet and Light

And my last post for today...the new medicine cabinet and light in the bathroom. We are 98% done! YIPEE! Sorry the pic is squashed a bit!

New Stove and Fridge

Here are pics of my new fridge and stove! I love them!

Words by The Chocolate Cat freebie

Stitched this yesterday! It's over 1 on 28ct Raspberry hand-dyed Jobelan with 1 strand of Carrie's Creations Barn Red. I had 1 strand of floss leftover when I was done, talk about cutting it close! Phew! DS#3 and I went shopping today for fabric to make a pillow for his girlfriend. I will be stitching over 2 on black 28ct fabric using a pink varigated floss. He picked out pink material with black polka dots. We also picked up a black fabric in case mom gets creative with the pillow! : )

Thursday, January 31, 2008

2008 Valentine Heart Finish

Here's one I finished last night at 11pm! It's from Dragonfly Stitches and is a freebie she posted to the 1-2-3 Stitch! message board. I used 28ct Raspberry hand-dyed Jobelan and Carrie's creation Barn Red floss.

Snowmen Finish

Finished this cute guy Monday night! He's from JCS 2006 Ornament Preview issue (thanks, Nikki!). He's stitched on 28ct Silk Weavers evenweave (don't remember the color) - mossy green. I used DMC floss. Sorry it's not a better pic!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Noreaster 01142008

Here's a picture of what we've received so far today in Maine. It started at 8:00 a.m. and this picture was taken at 4:00 p.m. This is looking off my front porch towards the road (my front yard). If you look bottom right you can see how much snow we've gotten, it's sitting on top of a plant pot I forgot to take in. Also, the area between the post and the farthest tree was bare yesterday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon.....

Here are the two birth announcements that I made into wall hangings today! They are for co-worker's from my previous job. Sue H. had her son and four hours lady Sue M. had her daughter. It took me about six hours to make the two of them....and I can feel every minute in my back! I had to run to WalMart to get some material and buttons...ended up going to Waterville to Joann's Fabrics to get the buttons. Now to finish the dowels and get the pieces to them!

Bathroom Vanity Remodel

Things are changing, looks-wise, around my house!!!! Jeff built AND INSTALLED (I figured it would sit in the bathroom for at least one month!) a new vanity, a new shelf over the vanity, and boxed in the PVC pipe going up the side. He also installed a closet door (pre-made but it matches the vanity perfectly!), and framed it. WOW! He also is going to put in a medicine cabinet with lights! The only other item left is to finish framing the door, but the sheetrock sticks out and he hasn't decided how to deal with that. But WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

I also went to Dave's Appliance yesterday and bought a new stove and refrigerator (freezer on the bottom!). I got basic white. They will be delivering and installing on Thursday of this coming week! Jeff was talking about making new cupboards in the kitchen last night too. I'm not sure what has gotten in to him, but I hope it doesn't stop!!!!!!!! : )

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Finish for 2008

I tried hard New Year's Eve to get this finished, but didn't make it. I did complete it on New Year's Day though - so it's my first finish. This is for another co-worker, Sue M., from my previous job. This is her first child. Her family runs Elvin's Farm and they sell flowers....I thought this was appropriate! I'm going to finish it tomorrow into a wall hanging...well, that's the plan right now!

Finding Nemo and Baby Love Finishes 2007

Here are two finishes for 2007. One is Finding Nemo by Disney Prexar. I stitched this in hopes of getting it done as an ornament for my son, Cody......didn't make it. Oh well, plenty of time to get it "finished" for next year. Cody has an octagon fish tank so this was kind of a "joke" ornament. I'm going to make it puffy and sew right around the outside of the fish.

The other finish is Baby Love by Something In Common. This is for a co-worker, Sue H., from my previous job. It is stitched on 28 ct White Jobelan. I have to purchase a duck button and something for the center of the bows. I had previously purchased these.....but cannot find them! Oh well, more stash shopping! : ) I stitched a birth sampler for her first child and she asked me to stitch her one for her second child, which I was going to do even if she didn't aks!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Family

I thought I would start my first post of the new year with what I am most proud family! My husband of 26 years, Jeff, (the one with the pipe). And in order of oldest to youngest sons: Jacob and Julie (Jacob has the John Deere hat on!); Shane and Fallon; and my "twin", Cody, (we share the same birthday and I've been told there is no denying who his mother is - not that I would!).
May your new year be filled with many blessings, more up's than down's, much love, laughter, and happiness....and many, many stitches!

Happy New Year to all!