Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Finish for 2008

I tried hard New Year's Eve to get this finished, but didn't make it. I did complete it on New Year's Day though - so it's my first finish. This is for another co-worker, Sue M., from my previous job. This is her first child. Her family runs Elvin's Farm and they sell flowers....I thought this was appropriate! I'm going to finish it tomorrow into a wall hanging...well, that's the plan right now!

Finding Nemo and Baby Love Finishes 2007

Here are two finishes for 2007. One is Finding Nemo by Disney Prexar. I stitched this in hopes of getting it done as an ornament for my son, Cody......didn't make it. Oh well, plenty of time to get it "finished" for next year. Cody has an octagon fish tank so this was kind of a "joke" ornament. I'm going to make it puffy and sew right around the outside of the fish.

The other finish is Baby Love by Something In Common. This is for a co-worker, Sue H., from my previous job. It is stitched on 28 ct White Jobelan. I have to purchase a duck button and something for the center of the bows. I had previously purchased these.....but cannot find them! Oh well, more stash shopping! : ) I stitched a birth sampler for her first child and she asked me to stitch her one for her second child, which I was going to do even if she didn't aks!