Sunday, June 22, 2008

FINISHED - L&L Spiritdancer

SHE'S DONE! Two months and three days! The ultra suede was a PITA to work with, rips very easily, but does look nice!

WIP Spiritdancer 062208

I am on the last leg of the journey, so to speak. All stitching is COMPLETE, minus the ultra suede fringe. "She" is hanging outside drying right now, and then I will add the fringe (glad I thought about washing her beforehand!). The beading went along faster than I figured it would, but I'm thinking the fringe is going to be a slow process (making sure it isn't twisted) and figuring out how to start/finish it. Anyway, it's for a July 7th birthday and I am feeling VERY relieved!

WIP Celetic Blessing

Here's an update on a WIP, Celtic Blessing. This is after working on it at home one day for a couple hours and then most every day at work for a total of an hour each day. Now that I have L&L Spiritdancer all complete, minus the fringe, I will be able to work on this in the evening too! Should be done in no time. My sister is making this for her son and future DIL - August 16th wedding.